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This guide will help you keep everything under control and running smoothly. It allows an average of six to 12 months’ preparation, and is based on a traditional style wedding and conditions in the larger centres. If you plan to get married in a shorter time or have a different style of wedding, don’t worry, the planning and order will remain much the same. Delete any items that don’t concern you and insert any extra items, then just tick off your achievements as you go.

6 - 12+ Months

❤  Discuss the budget and type of wedding and who will pay for what.
❤  Choose the date, the time of year and time of day.
❤  Decide on the wedding colour scheme and/or theme.
❤  Compile a guest list in consultation with both families.
❤  Book the ceremony site.
❤  Book the reception venue.
❤  Choose and book the caterers.
❤  Decide on the attendants and ushers.
❤  Start looking and choose the bridal gown.

❤  Start beauty treatments.
❤  Choose and book the officiant.
❤  Choose and book the florist.
❤  Choose and book the photographer and/or videographer.
❤  Choose and book the musicians/DJ.
❤  Order transportation to and from the ceremony and reception.
❤  Talk to a wedding planner, if desired.
❤  Organise your engagement party.

3 - 6 Months

❤  Choose and order the groom’s clothes and accessories.
❤  Choose and order the groomsmen’s and bridesmaids’ attire and accessories.
❤  Choose the design of the wedding invitations and stationery and order.
❤  Decide on your table settings.
❤  Choose and book the makeup artist and hairstylist.
❤  Choose the style/flavour of the wedding cake and order.
❤  Purchase the wedding rings and organise engraving, if applicable.

❤  Compile a gift list and organise a register, if applicable.
❤  Discuss details of the ceremony with your officiant.
❤  Reserve any hire items required for the ceremony and/or reception.
❤  Book a hotel room for the wedding night.
❤  Decide where you want to go on honeymoon and make reservations.
❤  Organise time off work for the wedding and honeymoon, plus a few planning days beforehand.
❤  Choose the song and arrange lessons for your first dance.

2 Months

❤  Address and send out the invitations. Keep a spreadsheet of RSVPs as they return.
❤  Finalise the menu, drinks and service staff with the caterer and give the number of guests expected.
❤  Give the florist details of the wedding colour scheme and/or theme and select the flowers.
❤  Check that all passports, certificates and legal documents are in order.
❤  Buy gifts for the attendants and your fiancé/fiancée.
❤  Schedule any fittings required for the bride and bridal party.

❤  Confirm music for the ceremony and reception.
❤  Arrange where the bridal party will dress on the day.
❤  Help out-of-town guests with accommodation requirements.
❤  Notify anyone required to make a speech.
❤  Write your vows (if you’ve decided to do your own). 
❤  Give a list of invitees for your stag/hen’s night to your maid of honour/bestman.

1 Month

❤  Apply for a marriage licence.
❤  Chase up late RSVPs and finalise guest list.
❤  Write out place cards for the reception.
❤  Arrange reception seating details.
❤  Have final wedding gown fitting, with shoes to be worn on the day.
❤  Have final fittings for the groom and all the attendants.

❤     Meet officiant to check all formalities are in order. 

❤  Organise your wedding rehearsal.
❤  Do a trial run with your makeup artist and hairstylist.
❤  Finalise your vows and order of service.
❤  Confirm all arrangements with major service providers such as the florist, caterer, photographer, musicians etc. 
❤  Attend your stag/hen’s night.

2 Weeks

❤  Try on the bridal gown with all the accessories.
❤  Wear in your wedding shoes.
❤  Make sure all garments are clean and wrinkle-free.
❤  Check that place cards and all other table settings are in order.

❤  Give final numbers to your caterer.
❤  Confirm the wedding-day schedule with all participants.
❤  Organise for someone to look after any out-of-town guests due to arrive.

1 Week

❤  Have the wedding rehearsal.
❤  Groom to: arrange for the bestman to have the rings and service sheets on the day.
❤  Check that suits and any hire items are collected.
❤  Check all the honeymoon arrangements and pack your suitcases.

❤  Ensure that the bride’s mother or an appropriate person is responsible for taking home the bride’s gown and accessories after the wedding.
❤  Arrange for the bestman to return the groom’s and attendants’ hired suits.
❤  Make final checks on all arrangements.

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